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Oh sí eres hermoso *-*


Please read and reblog this. You could save an animal’s life.
If haven’t learned already, please learn how to perform CPR and First Aid from the American Red Cross. All courses teach you how to perform CPR on an adult, and some also go over how to perform CPR on children and babies. The information listed above was also provided by the American Red Cross.
Please don’t scroll past this. You may need to know this someday.

When I found my tortoise unresponsive, I actually remembered this post and immediately began blowing air in his mouth and nose. Unfortunantly, he did not survive because he had a terminal illness, but I’m really glad I knew what to do.


#Delicias para la #merienda… ¿preferís una taza de chocolate caliente o una porción de torta? acá combinaron las dos.